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Different Types of Dating Apps

In this digital era, you can get everything with the help of a smartphone or a laptop and internet. Unsurprisingly, this includes love and sex. There are now hundreds of dating applications, those that are open to anyone and any relationship and those who are segmented for specific types of relationships. It can get confusing to select one and give it a go since there are so many of them. It all depends on what you want to get out of using the dating applications. Here are a few generic types of dating apps that you will find in your application store.

For dating

The term dating varies. If you’re looking for casual dating, nothing serious, then you’d best go with an app that doesn’t reveal it all. Find a dating application that requires only simple information to be given out, so that whoever is looking at your profile won’t judge your whole life based on it. You should also install an application that is popular among younger users since older users usually look for something more serious. Examples are OkCupid and Hinge. For a more serious relationship, we recommend apps that require you to provide your current occupation, your hobbies, basically more of an idea of who you are. A dating app that is popular for serious relationships is Match.com.

For one night stands

Yes, you can get easy hook-ups through a dating application. The internet is helpful to that extent now. For those of you who are just looking for a fling or a quickie, you should install dating apps that are designated for it. This will ensure that neither of you will catch feelings or get the wrong idea. Dating applications are perfect for this type of relationship. You only need a few necessary information to sign up, and it is like dirty snap chatting, wherein ten seconds whatever you’ve sent them is gone with no digital trace.

For all of them

There is no doubt that Tinder is the best for any kind of relationship. You can find your potential soulmate to your potential booty call for the night in just a few swipes. All you need to do is state what you want in the bio. Tinder is now not dependant on Facebook, so you can sign up with your phone number and upload your own pictures (not that picture you put up on Facebook because your family is there and you want to seem like a nice kid).…