How to Make Love to Your Partner in The Best Way

love making

There’s a big difference between having sex and making love to your partner. Making love is deeper and more elaborate. Even so, you need to learn how to do it well for your own pleasure and that of your significant other. You get to learn more about how to give her a memorable lovemaking moment. Also, here are the best ways to make love to your partner that will leave the two of you satisfied and yearning for more.


foreplayThe power of foreplay in making love can never be underestimated. Before any strenuous activity, we normally have warm-ups. So why not extend the same to the bedroom and make it last for long.

Foreplay prepares your partner physically, emotionally and even psychologically for what is coming next. If practiced well foreplay can be even more pleasurable than sex itself. Tease your partner, kiss them lightly then deeply, get down on them, whisper dirty things to them, explore their body slowly so long as they are comfortable.

Doing so will get the woman lubricated enough, and this makes sex painless for her. As for the man, foreplay gives him an even harder erection. Remember that the more turned on your partner gets, the better for you. So go ahead arouse them in foreplay as much as you can. You can be sure that the lovemaking will blow your mind.


Talk Dirty

Great sex starts in the mind. It might make your partner think low of you, but it is an absolute turn on. Use code words the two of you understand. Let them know how much you want them. Tell them how horny you are and can’t wait for them to make love to you. Tell them how sweet it is to make love to them. If your partner is not close, text them. The anticipation will give you mind-blowing sex.

Listen to Your Partner

coupleThe power of excellent communication is not only evident in relationships but your lovemaking as well. Ask your partner about their secret sexual fantasies and fetishes. Go ahead and make their fantasies come true. There’s no better lovemaking than when your partner makes your sexual fantasy a reality! You will be surprised by how crazy people’s sexual fantasies are. Whatever it is, make it happen.

You should also listen to what your partner says when you are making love to them. If they like a certain sexual position then follow suit, if it’s the rhythm when making love, then do it. Doing what your partner likes makes them have more pleasure and enjoy which is your ultimate goal.

Add Some Thrills

If you have been making love to your partner, they might already be used to your now old sexual techniques however great they might be. Add some thrills, horn your skills and give your partner sexual satisfaction like never below. Try a new position, make love in a new place, add some candles, get some sexy lingerie, handcuffs and blindfolds just to mention but a few. Try anything new you can across.

The best way to make love to your partner is a uniquely personal experience. But the above tips cut across the board. Consider your partner’s feelings and with these tips make love to them like never before.