Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Thousands of men suffer erectile dysfunction across the world. It is among the men penis diseases which can force a man to see a doctor ASAP. Fortunately, there are solutions to erectile dysfunction. Some are very simple like just taking proper care of the penis while others need more effort and attention. To get rid of the problem, it is important for men to know the possible causes of ED. This article will discuss some of the major causes of ED.

Use of medications and steroids

men, EDMen want to look all muscled up and strong. The best way to achieve that is through exercise which takes longer. To speed up gains, they end up taking steroids. It is however important for men to be very careful when taking them and more so if you obtained them over the counter. If not properly used, they can result in severe damages which cannot be overcome.

Lack of sensitivity

If a man does not feel the gentle touches which used to arouse him, it might mean that he is losing the ability to get excited like before. The penis might work at times, but it might lose the sensations to rise at the right moment. To redeem yourself from lack of penis sensitivity, men are advised to stay away from masturbation, practice proper penis care and use high-quality health creams.


The mental and emotional beings affect the physical. It is for this reason why most men suffering from depression suffer erectile dysfunction. The good news here is that, if one gets proper depression medication, they will get their penis functioning as usual. If you are a man and dealing will experience depression, it is healthy to seek help from family, friends or a professional.

Relationship issues

couple, EDIn many cases, men with relationship issues find it hard to rise to the occasion as they used to. Such could be as a result of issues like anger, guilt, worries or sadness brought about by infidelity, pregnancy, and other issues. In such a situation, the man should deal with the problems heart to heart with their partners. It might not be easy, but it is best for their health.


If a man gets tired and lacks enough sleep, the penis might refuse to cooperate when needed. Some men get tired such that the idea of getting the penis to get up is laughable. It is not only the penis which gets affected by tiredness but the general health. Some good sleep is all what is needed to make things right to exhausted men.